List of category 'Hotdogs'

New Yorker ₱40

Tiny mighty New Yorker is a perfect snack for any situation. Come and enjoy your New Yorker hot dog like Nathan’s Famous style, flavored with sauerkraut and mustard.

Beef Angus ₱60

Beef Angus has used only beef meat, so it’s suitable persons who can’t eat pork meat. Come and “beef up” your day with our Beef Angus hot dog.

German Franks ₱70

German Franks has snappy skin why it fits perfectly into hot dogs. Choosing this juicy and tasty hot dog, you cannot go wrong.

Cheese Franks ₱70

Cheese Franks is similar than German Franks but it contains also cheese. This makes the hot dog even juicier and tasty. Good choice for cheese lovers.

Hungarian ₱90

Hungarian is a bit spicy and very delicious sausage. This is one of the popular hot dogs from our menu. A perfect choice, if you looking spicy taste into your...

Italian Garlic ₱110

Italian Garlic sausage is spiced with garlic and herbs. This fits nicely into a hot dog and makes it hot dog taste very delicious. Little bit smaller size compensated with...

Cheese Hungarian ₱160

Cheese Hungarian is one of the famous hot dogs from our menu. This meaty, juicy and tasty sausage goes perfectly into hot dogs. This big size sausage contains cheese which...

Frankfurter ₱160

This big size, European style sausage is meaty and tasty. If you looking for food for bigger hunger, this is definitely your choice.

Bratwurst ₱160

Bratwurst is a famous German sausage. This delicious sausage won’t need an introduction. Flavored with mustard and sauerkraut you can get an authentic experience of this famous German sausage.

Schublig ₱170

Schublig is one of the biggest sausages from our menu. This meaty and tasty sausage will definitely satisfy your hunger.

Kielbasa ₱170

In the Polish language “Kielbasa” means any type of meat sausage. This rustic style sausage is very delicious and one of the popular hot dogs from our menu.

Saucisson Vaudoise ₱170

Saucisson Vaudeise is smoked, European style sausage which has a mild taste. The texture is meaty so it’s the real deal when choosing this sausage into your hot dog.