List of category 'Hotdogs'

New Yorker ₱40

Tiny mighty New Yorker is a perfect snack for any situation. Come and enjoy your New Yorker hot dog like Nathan’s Famous style, flavored with sauerkraut and mustard.

Beef Angus ₱70

Beef Angus has used only beef meat, so it’s suitable persons who can’t eat pork meat. Come and “beef up” your day with our Beef Angus hot dog.

Turkey sausage ₱80

Turkey sausage is good alternative for chicken sausage. Tasty and juicy turkey sausage prepared straight from the grill with bun became a delicious hot dog.

Chicken sausage ₱80

Juicy and tasty chicken sausage served from the grill with a bun.

Hungarian ₱90

Hungarian is a bit spicy and very delicious sausage. This is one of the popular hot dogs from our menu. A perfect choice, if you looking spicy taste into your...

Barbecue ₱100

Barbecue sausage, perfect for grilling. This meaty smoked sausage with grilled bread and our tasty sauces and toppings makes you craving more on this hot dog.

Bratwurst ₱160

Bratwurst is a famous German sausage. Flavored with mustard and sauerkraut you can get an authentic experience of this famous German sausage.

Augsburger ₱160

This famous sausage from German and Austria has traditionally delicately spiced and therefore it’s very popular sausage.

Frankfurter ₱160

This big size, European style sausage is meaty and tasty. If you looking for food for bigger hunger, this is definitely your choice.

Cervelat ₱160

Cervelat sausage, Swiss national style sausage goes hot dogs nicely. Boost your “dog” with our home made sauces and selected toppings.

Beef Hungarian ₱170

Beef Hungarian sausage is juicy, meaty and full of flavor. Prefect choise for your hotdog.

Schublig ₱170

Schublig is one of the biggest sausages from our menu. This meaty and tasty sausage will definitely satisfy your hunger.